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How to get rid of pet stains quick.

If you own a pet, you know how much joy they can bring to your life.

Pets love you unconditionally, and make lifelong friends and companions. Besides, they have proven health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure and lessening anxiety.

Unfortunately, your carpet might not be as keen on your furry friend as you are. Pets are prone to accidents, especially when they’re still not properly house trained; and the carpet often bears the brunt of it.

But if you were about to turn your home into a pet-free zone, think again. Pet stains are a nuisance, sure, but you can deal with them pretty quickly if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s how to get rid of pet stains, pronto.

Rule Out Health Issues

When you own a pet, an accident on the carpet here and there is par for the course.

Repeated incidents, however, could be a sign that something more serious is going on, especially if your pal was previously house trained and well behaved. There might be a behavioral reason brought about by external circumstances or, worse, a health problem.

If your favorite berber carpet has suddenly turned into your pet’s – ahem – powder room, you should take steps to rule out any health issues. Not only will your pet thank you, you’ll also cut down on carpet cleaning duty.

Act Fast

As with any other carpet stain, the faster you act, the easier it is to clean your carpet successfully.

You should deal with a stain immediately. Put old newspapers underneath the carpet, then cover the soiled area with paper towels and put more old newspapers on top to soak up as much of the wetness as possible. Repeat the process until the area is completely dry.

For added oomph, you can stand a heavy object on the newspapers. The added pressure will help soak up more of the stain, faster.

Blot, Don’t Rub.

You should be careful to only blot the stain.

Never rub the carpet. This will only spread the stain, odor and germs around, making matters worse for you and your carpet.

Neutralize the Odor

The odor of pet waste isn’t just unpleasant, it also increases the likelihood of further accidents.

Both dogs and cats have substances in their waste, called pheromones, which give them a sense of familiarity. That’s a problem. Unless you completely neutralize the odor, your pal will think it’s fine to keep going on the carpet.

After you soak up the stain completely, you should make sure you neutralize the odor by thoroughly rinsing the area with cool water and covering with baking soda. This should absorb most of the odor. Just give the powder fifteen to twenty minutes to settle and vacuum it up.

Call In The Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Were you too late to deal with the stain?

Did you not manage to reach

Don’t worry! Just call in the carpet cleaning professionals.

Actually, it’s still a good idea to give your carpet a professional deep clean, even if you’ve managed to get out all or most of the stain. A professional carpet cleaning company will treat your carpet with specialized products that ensure your carpet is squeaky clean and completely germ and odor free.

If you have pets, you have stains. Call today for a quick quote.

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