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To refinish or to replace, that’s the question encountered by every homeowner. Over time, hardwood floors become dull and lose their luster. It’s easier and less expensive to have them refinished but is that always the right option?

Hardwood is an exceptionally durable flooring material, but it must withstand considerable abuse. Eventually, through foot traffic, furniture scuffing, and pet scratches, it may need some TLC. It’s hard to know whether you should hire someone to replace or refinish hardwood floors in your home, but the following information should help you decide.

Should You Replace or Refinish Hardwood Floors?

When to Replace Hardwood Floors

If the floors are so gouged and damaged that refinishing isn’t possible, you might need to simply start over with new floors. Similarly, if they are very old, have been refinished numerous times before, and you can see the tongue where the slats join together, refinishing might not be the best solution. A replacement is also best when the floor has experienced structural damage, or you notice movement when you walk on it.

Another reason to replace hardwood floors is to switch wood species. Although oak is the most popular hardwood flooring material, you have many other options. Some are very dramatic and unique-looking, and others—such as bamboo—are a more sustainable choice. Moreover, if you want to alter the direction or width of the planks, you will need to replace the floor.

When to Refinish Hardwood Floors
Refinishing is a good solution when the floors show consistent wear and tear throughout. If gouging is minimal, refinishing is usually possible. When damage is confined to only a few planks, it makes the process much more feasible.

Also, if cost is a major factor, refinishing is almost always less expensive than tearing up an old floor and replacing it. Along with the lower cost, refinishing hardwood floors is a much less invasive—and much quicker—process. If your family does not have the time, funds, or patience for a remodeling project, refinishing is likely the best option.

Article Source: nearsay.com