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When Disaster Strikes, NewGen Remediation Comes To The Rescue

September and October are two of the most active months during hurricane season. Here in the Carolinas, the areas along the coastline are most at risk for hurricane and flood damage, but inland areas can also be drenched with inches of rain. Whether you’re in a flood-prone area or not, are you prepared if disaster strikes?

In our last newsletter, we covered the importance of having an updated insurance policy that would protect you from any kind of storm damage. In this edition, we’re focusing on the importance of choosing the right mitigation company after a storm hits. At NewGen Remediation, we provide a turnkey solution. You don’t have to call anyone else to make your home whole again.

When your home or business suffers water damage, we can come in and take you through the entire restoration process, from start to finish. In the complex world of insurance claims, we can be your advocate. Our adjusters have been dealing with insurance companies after disasters for decades. They understand the issues involved and the coverage you should expect with your policy. At NewGen Mitigation, we always recommend that you call us before you call your insurance company. 

We are a one-stop-solution for all of your water damage needs. Once we visit your home or business, we can extract any remaining water. Then, we need to completely dry and dehumidify any affected areas. If mold is present, we need to determine the extent of the problem. Not only will we dry out your property, but we can restore or replace damaged flooring, drywall, trim, paint and more. Whatever has been damaged, we can remediate it.  

If you have a water disaster, choose NewGen Remediation. With our expertise and integrity, you can rest assured that you’ll receive outstanding service and quality work. Let us make you whole again. Call our remediation specialists at (980) 207-4868.