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When your dishwasher or washing machine overflows, when your plumbing fails or when there’s a leak and you’re left standing with water inside your home… who do you call? When you suffer a fire and the firefighting efforts are over and you’re left with part of your home full of smoke and ashes… who do you call? When you notice mold growing inside your home, who do you call? When disaster strikes and you’re faced with a mess to clean up, call NewGen Mitigation Services. We are your local water, fire, and mold restoration professionals. You know NewGen for our floor restoration, installation, and janitorial services and our excellent customer service and satisfaction but we can also help with your restoration needs. So why choose us over a larger restoration company?

We Are Turnkey

What does it mean when a home is turnkey? It means you can move right in! There’s no work to be done, no renovations to be made, nothing extra that you have to do. This is how we leave your home when your project is complete. Suffering loss is stressful enough and the last thing we want to do is add any extra stress during this time. Our focus is on getting your home back to its pre-loss condition so that you can get right back to life as you know it.

We Work Directly With Your Insurance Company 

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not your friends. Their job is to send an insurance adjuster to assess your property damage to ensure they pay you only what is necessary and not a penny more. Most people aren’t familiar with the jargon they use, the details of the claims process, and what is covered under a policy, and what is not, but we are. We know the right terms to use and what type of rehabilitative works are covered under standard policies so we work directly with your insurance company to ensure that every part of your project that can be covered by your insurance is. 

We are local, licensed, and bonded

When you call NewGen Mitigation Services, you are calling a local, small business that prioritizes quality service and excellent customer service. Our team of technicians goes above and beyond to ensure you’re thoroughly satisfied with the quality of service provided. Our management team is hands-on and you will often find our CEO, Kent Ravaioli, out in the field meeting with customers. Our promise is to provide all of our customers with competitive pricing and exceptional value. 

We at NewGen Mitigation Services know that experiencing a loss, no matter how big or small, is very stressful. Our goal is to help alleviate some of that stress by handling the aspects of the project that we are most knowledgeable about. While we hope you never find yourself in such a situation, if you ever do we are just a call away, ready to assist you with exceptional value and personalized service. Reach out to us at (980) 207-4868.