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As we wrap up our Tile series this month, let’s take a look at some of the increasingly popular trends in tile design for 2019 and some of the tile designs making their way out.

Tile is one of the most versatile materials out there. The types of tile are numerous, and they can be used as flooring, on walls, in your kitchen, as countertops, as art pieces and so much more. Over the past 2 months, we’ve focused on giving you as much information as we could about tiles without hopefully not making it too overwhelming. This month, we will touch on just a little bit more as we wrap up our tile series.

What’s new and trending in the world of tile?
If you have a tile project on the horizon, knowing the current tile trends can give you some inspiration to help you make all the right choices for your home improvement project.

Decorative tiles are definitely making a comeback. While full color tiles are still a popular option, many people are starting to move away from these and opting for unique patterns that express their personality. We’ve also seen a few instances of people using basic, full color tiles to create patterns on their floors and walls, such as the popular herringbone pattern.


Black and white is almost a go-to color scheme when it comes to tiles, but in 2019 we’ve seen people opting for bright and bold colors a lot more often. As surely as something goes “out of style” it comes back in a few years later. Lately, there has been an upsurge in retro colored tiles. Blue is often the top choice for interior tiles but as people become more adventurous, they’re choosing to explore even more outstanding colors.

Textured Tiles

Look is just as important as feel, so textured tiles are becoming quite popular. Tiles with an embossed or sculpted surface are some of the most popular to date. According to Stacy Sheppard of Design Sheppard, “3D tiles, in particular,  have also become popular with their futuristic and architectural shape creating an eye-catching feature. Geometric and angular tiles will be given an added sense of movement, dimension and tactility through the introduction of 3D surfaces.”


Classic square and rectangular tiles are essential, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try something new. Geometric shapes are becoming common design choices, most popular are hexagon or honeycomb shaped tiles.

Wood Floor Tiles

With the increase of digital printing, faux finishes have become one of the more exciting developments in the industry. It is now possible for ceramic and porcelain tiles to look like wood, stone or granite, but without the maintenance requirements of the real thing.


Large-scale tiles are steadily becoming more popular as technology has enabled the production of larger, more lightweight tiles. Larger tiles means less grout lines which can really be a statement piece, especially in large, open rooms.

So What To Avoid?

All-white. Avoid designing rooms with all white tile from floor to ceiling. Not only are they hard to clean, but people are now gravitating towards diverse color palettes.

Subway tiles. Subway tiles are fading in popularity and in their place, more people are gearing towards  large-format tiles and geometric tiles, particularly in large bathrooms.

Chevron. Chevron has been trending quite a bit in 2018, so much so that it’s now becoming mainstream. A lot of other tile patterns are emerging to take its place, including hand painted tiles.

How To Choose the Right Type of Tile?

While what’s trending will have some weight in your decision, there are a few other factors to consider when choosing your tile.  You must consider the size of the room, its level of traffic, how much sunlight it typically gets and much more. Next, you decide on a tile type and color. Consider things like:

  • Do I want my tile to be a statement piece?
  • Will my tile be exposed to a lot of wear and tear (high traffic rooms)
  • Do I want my tile to make a small room look bigger?

All in all, not all tiles are created equal so there are many things to consider when choosing your tile. In the end, it depends on your own personal taste.

From bold colors, unique shapes and digitally printed tiles, the tile game is constantly evolving. Keeping track of the latest tile trends is fun if you’re planning a remodel sometime in the future, but if you already have tile installed, your focus should be keeping them well maintained. Here at Newgen Restores, we can help you, whether you’re planning a renovation/remodel or if you’d like to spice up the look of your tiles with a professional cleaning. Contact us to get a free quote for your next tile project.