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Clean floor tiles can lift a room to create a fresh and clean feel to your home.

There’s no better method than a professional clean, achieving results which aren’t possible with self-clean techniques. However, homeowners often dread the thought of their shiny floor tiles looking unclean again as soon as the first particle of dirt falls on them.

Between your professional cleans, there are a few things you can do to keep your tiles looking healthy. Create your own tile care routine using our handy guide.

The Basics

Mop your floor tiles once a week, and regularly remove dust using some of the techniques described below. Any dirt or obvious stains should be dealt with as soon as they occur. This will make your tile floor cleaning much easier.

Removing Moisture

Poorly ventilated areas, especially in areas with humidity changes, such as bathrooms, can lead to a mildew infestation. To prevent this from occurring, adequately ventilate your rooms to allow air to circulate and remove moisture. This may be through turning on the exhaust fan, opening windows and doors, stretching out your shower curtain and wiping down surfaces and walls after using the area.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

Products such as household bleach are often used to remove irritants such as mildew. However, after your professional clean, your tiles should be looking as good as new, rectifying any issues you had. Therefore, harsh cleaning products could have a detrimental effect on your floor tiles and should be avoided. Any products which you do decide to use should be pH-balanced rather than harsh acidic ones. Natural products are often used and are very effective in the cleaning of tile.

Using Water and Detergent to Clean

If your tile floors are made from a stain- and water-resistant material such as porcelain or ceramic, warm water often does the trick on its own. However, always use clean water as cloudy water contains particles which will make your floor tiles look worse, especially if you live in a hard water area. Detergent can dull certain materials over time, such as marble, so any products should be extremely diluted, if used at all. Too much detergent can leave dirt-attracting residues, so just use a small amount and only if necessary. Soapy water is less harsh on your floor tiles, but it’s important to wipe the area dry afterwards.

How to Remove Dirt from Floor Tiles

Dirt and grit not only leave your floor looking dirty but can scratch your tiles and discolor grout. To remove loose dirt from your floor tiles, use a soft-bristled brush, sweeping in a figure of 8 pattern to collect all the dirt. Alternatively, use your vacuum on its hard floor setting. You can also use a dust-mop to pick up everyday particles such as dust, skin cells and particles that have fallen from feet and clothing. Preventative maintenance of your floor tiles will go a long way to keeping them looking fresh and also to prevent damage.


Grout, which fills the gaps between your tiles, can be the bane of homeowners lives when it comes to having clean-looking floor tiles. It’s rough and porous nature means it gets dirty easily, leaving a stained appearance. Check out our advice piece on how to clean grout here.

No-Shoes Policy

Shoes bring dirt and bacteria in from outdoors, and the weight of shoes crushes particles into your tiled floors. Implement a no-shoes policy to help reduce the number of dirt particles entering your home. You should also place entrance mats either side of your outside doors to help pick up dirt in the first instance.

Having a clean floor not only makes your home feel nicer but it increases the life expectancy of your floor tiles. Regular tile floor maintenance between professional cleans will help your home retain a fresh look and feel. NewGen Restores offers tile and grout cleaning services to restore the luster back into your tiles and flooring. We’ll help you combat your tile cleaning woes to leave your home feeling sparkly and new.

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