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Summer is a wonderful time for a renovation because the weather’s great and life is a bit more relaxed. If you’re considering restoring the shine to your wood floors by having them refinished or upgraded to hardwood floors this summer, then this article is for you. Summer is the best time of year for a flooring project and here are a few reasons why. 

School Summer Break and Vacations

Summer is probably the ideal time to have your hardwood floors refinished because school is out and you’ll probably be on vacation and out of the way of the noise, dust and strong odors. Aside from that, if you’re one of the 3 million Americans moving this summer, you might want to refinish your floors before you move into your new home. When refinishing hardwood floors, you absolutely cannot have people walking on the floors during that time. The process can take anywhere between 5 – 7 days to complete, and even then heavy furniture can’t be moved back right away and may need a few more days. Getting your floors refinished while you’re away, or better yet, before you move into that new house is perfect timing – furniture can be moved without a hassle and no one/nothing is there to trample your newly finished floors. Aside from timeline concerns, it can get pretty loud with all of that sanding equipment. Even with recent technological advancements, sanding down floors can still be a noisy and dusty process. Some types of hardwood floor finishes can also carry a strong odor, which is why most people would rather not be around during the finishing process. 

Great Weather

Summer is known for its exceptional weather. Longer days, more sun and less rain all make it the ideal time of year to get some work done around the house. Longer days allow for our technicians to work longer to ensure as much work is completed within a day as possible. Whether you’re refinishing your floors as part of a larger project/renovation or not, the quicker your floors can be done, the better. 

Right Timing to Be Holiday-Ready

Once summer is over, we quickly fly through Fall to the holiday seasons of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. No one wants their floors to be torn up during the holidays, as it makes entertaining impossible. Summer is the best time to get this type of work done because most times if you’re still at home entertaining friends and family, you will probably be outside. 

The refinishing process at NewGen Floors & More begins with the removal of furniture, rugs and other loose items from your floors. Next, we gently sand the floors down and expertly apply the stain/color of your choice. After that, we add not just one, but actually 3-4 coats of protective finishing, also known as polyurethane, in a sheen of your choosing that comes in Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and High Gloss. The end result is a beautifully refinished hardwood floor that you can enjoy for many years to come. If you’re ready to give your home an upgrade this summer by restoring your floor’s character and shine, then call us!