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Spring is here again! Spring is known as the season of new beginnings. While spring is one of the most anticipated seasons, it also tends to raise a lot of allergens. This year, in the midst of all the current health concerns, you should consider a professional cleaning of your carpets, floors, and soft surfaces to eliminate those allergens that are sure to pop up with the warm weather.

The most common types of allergens to get caught in our carpets and furniture include dust mites, mold and mildew, pollen, animal dander, chemicals such as perfumes, and other additives like formaldehyde in carpet fibers. These can cause a number of reactions, from minor things like coughing, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, or a runny nose to more serious reactions like Eczema, Asthma attacks, skin rashes, or itching.

So how can a professional cleaning help? An annual deep cleaning by professionals helps to get rid of deeply embedded allergens that your regular vacuum or cleaning products simply can’t. As a professional cleaning company, we have access to high-powered equipment and cleaning solutions that go beyond the surface to clean and disinfect your floors, carpets, and even furniture.

At the same time that it’s highly recommended to undergo a deep cleaning in your home, it’s also a great idea to have this done at your office or commercial space. Especially when we consider that many businesses initially moved to work-from-home models but are now starting to bring employees back in due to the gradual reopening occurring on the heels of a successful vaccination program. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that a space that hasn’t been occupied for months will probably need more than a little dusting. Having your commercial property professionally cleaned not only decreases the health risks for the occupants of the building, but presents a good impression to your customers, or clients.

Spring is a beautiful time of year when color and warmth are restored to the atmosphere. It is also a great opportunity to give your home a fresh start by removing all the dust and bacteria that have accumulated over the past few months. Our local team of highly trained technicians is ready to help you restore that bright and fresh feeling to your home or business. Simply give us a call at (980) 207-4868 to get started on your spring cleaning project!