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Spring Cleaning Survival Tips!

The sunshine is creeping in, flowers are starting to bloom and with all the seasonal benefits comes the sense to fling open your windows and spring clean your home – especially when the extra sunlight starts to make all the dust and dirt more noticeable! With the warmer months ahead, you’ll want to get your home ready for all those Summer gatherings and start afresh. However, with such busy lives, who can find the time to dedicate an enormous amount of time to creating the fresh look and feel they’re craving?

We’ve put together some essential tips, so you can spring clean your way to happiness while juggling your responsibilities.

Easy Vacuuming

There’s nothing like giving your home a quick spruce up by getting that vacuum in all the nooks and crannies of your home. Make life easier by moving furniture to get underneath it rather than trying to get the vacuum fittings along every narrow edge. It’ll save you time, and you’ll know there’s not a pile of dust hidden beneath your sofa. You should also empty your vacuum cleaner when it’s about two-thirds full, or you increase the risk of it becoming less effective.

Tackling Upholstery & Your Mattress

While spring cleaning their home, people often overlook how their furniture upholstery has gathered a whole range of allergens and particles throughout the year, making an otherwise glistening home look dull. Breathe new life into your rooms by getting your upholstery cleaned by a professional who can protect your fabrics while maximizing its life expectancy. It’s also important to include your mattress in this, which can host large volumes of bacteria, dead skin, and dust mites, to name a few. Add a touch of Spring to your nights as well as your days!

Cleaning Around Your Pets & Children

Spring cleaning is best done when you’re not tripping over other people. When you have pets and kids to think about, your cleaning tasks can become virtually impossible at times. Luckily, Spring is the perfect time to get some free time in the house by encouraging others to spend time outdoors. We’ve put together a handy guide that’ll give you some tips about cleaning in a baby- and pet-friendly way, so you can have peace of mind while cleaning your home.

Mistakes to Avoid

When ensuring your home looks as good as new, the worst thing you can do is to waste time on activities that will make things worse….

Scrubbing at stains – This can work the stain more deeply into your carpet fibers, so avoid at all costs! Instead of scrubbing, BLOT the stain with a rag or towel to remove the excess liquid.

Using DIY chemicals – While it’s tempting to use strong chemicals in your home to perform a deep clean yourself, you need to be aware of the proper procedures involved and the effect each chemical may have on your flooring. Some chemicals can even make certain stains worse.

Using a dirty mop – When you clean your home, whatever you clean it with is picks up the dirt you’re removing. Seem obvious? Unfortunately, people continue to clean their floors with dirty mops and cloths, spreading the bacteria that’s been collected. Ensure you thoroughly clean you mop heads and regularly replace them.

Allowing shoes in the house – Nothing brings the dirt back indoors faster than shoes. They bring outside particles into your home and work them deeper into your flooring, so consider a no-shoes policy. Don’t forget to shake out your outside mats, and give them a tough clean to create a first-line defense against dirt.

Saving Time & Effort with a Professional Clean

Over the last year, your fabrics, carpets and upholstery have absorbed a whole heap of dirt, particles and stains. Nothing will compare to getting a professional deep clean to make your home looking sparkly and new. Spring is the perfect time to do it to coincide with your own goals for the home. A professional clean is the perfect solution when you just don’t have the time to carry out the spring clean you want.

Here at NewGen Restores, we’re a floor cleaning company dealing with anything from tile cleaning to pet stains removal. We also provide extensive carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services using professional techniques which get the results you can’t achieve using DIY products. We’ll also tackle all those difficult areas such as grout cleaning and odor removal.

Our expert services will help you make your home as fresh as a daisy this Spring.

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