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Over the past year, we’ve spent more time at home than usual. Your floors might be starting to show some signs of wear and tear and now that we’re in spring, the season of new beginnings, it might be time to think about giving your floors a makeover by having them refinished. That said, you don’t want to blindly jump into a floor refinishing project. So how can you tell that it’s time to get those floors refinished? Here are some of the things you should be looking for:


Scratches and scuff marks are a normal part of the aging process for wood floors but if you notice there is a large amount of them, then it might be time to consider refinishing your floors. Scratches can occur in several ways, from moving/dragging furniture to claw marks from pets and more, but if these scratches are becoming unsightly, cover a large area, or beyond just the top coat of the floor’s finish, it’s time to think about that refinishing.


Over time, your floors will start to lose some color. This is normal and can happen for numerous reasons. Sun exposure and the wearing away of your floor’s polyurethane layer are the most common reasons for discoloration and can be easily rectified by having your floors refinished. 

Water Damage

Water damage doesn’t necessarily mean a flood or burst pipe, it can result from spilled drinks, refrigerator/dishwasher/washing machine leaks, watering indoor plants, or other ways. Water damage can often result in separation or wood warping, sometimes referred to as cupping. These issues can sometimes be resolved through the sanding phase of the refinishing process but if the issues are serious it may require the replacement of some of the floorboards. The best way to know what your options are is to consult a qualified floor contractor, like those at NewGen Restores. 

You just want something new

Sometimes, having your floors refinished isn’t about needing to have them refinished but rather, wanting to have them refinished. Refinishing your floors allows you to try something new in terms of color or simply allows you to inject some life into dull, worn floors. 

So have you been thinking about getting your wood floors refinished? Give us a call. We have the crew and the resources to refinish your floors and make them look brand new again. Our unique and highly detailed refinishing process is designed to give you a final product that you will love for years to come. Our company can handle any size project, we’ve sanded and finished from 5,000 sq feet to 300 sq feet homes as well as 100,000 sq feet of offices so you can trust us to take care of your project and make your floors look like new again. Ready to get started? Simply contact us to get your free quote.