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Dry Carpet Cleaning by Ivory Cleaners Charlotte NC  

One of the primary services offered by Ivory Cleaners Charlotte NC is the dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning became one of the popular methods for carpet cleaning because of the various benefits that it offers. Gone are the days when the only option for carpet cleaning is to use loads of water. The people’s need is evolving, which requires faster and more efficient methods and standards of doing things. To give you an overview of how dry carpet cleaning works, see the details below:

Overview of Dry Carpet Cleaning by Ivory Cleaners Charlotte NC

Combination Process

Dry carpet cleaning by Ivory Cleaners Charlotte NC relies on the use of machine and special dry chemical compound. The machine helps facilitate the use of very low moisture or VLM on the carpet treated with dry compound.

Dry Compound

Ivory carpet cleaners start the process by applying the dry compound to the carpet either by manually distributing it over the surface or by scrubbing it on the carpet. This is called pretreatment process. The dry compound used here serves as emulsifiers which help break the components of the soil, dirt and dusts that keep it attached to the carpet, eventually encapsulating into tiny crystals.

VLM Vacuuming

The dry compound treatment is usually done only for a short period of time. At least 15 minutes top. This is because after the treatment VLM vacuuming by Ivory Cleaners Charlotte NC will shortly follow, helping further agitate all the impurities away from the fibers of your carpet so it can simultaneously suck away the contaminants that have been encapsulated during the treatment.

Fast Drying

Because dry carpet cleaning only uses VLM technology, drying the carpet is also much faster. This is one of the primary reasons why many 24-hour commercial establishments prefer this kind of method because it allows them to get back to their normal routine in no time. Unlike with traditional carpet cleaning procedures where you need to wait hours before the carpet is fully dry.

The details provided here aims to provide you with a general idea how dry carpet cleaning by Ivory Cleaners Charlotte NC  works and why it is preferred by many businesses.