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Warehouse Janitorial Services in Charlotte NC

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Warehouse Floor Cleaning Service Experts in Charlotte NC and Pineville!

Keep your warehouse or industrial facility running smoothly with our professional industrial warehouse cleaning services in Charlotte, NC! Our team understands the importance of running an efficient operation, and regular floor cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of the process. We offer a variety of service contract options at affordable rates to suit your needs and budget. Read on to learn more about what sets us apart, and get in touch today for a free quote!

Why invest in warehouse janitorial services?

Keeping your warehouse clean ensures a smooth operation, while allowing you to focus on what you do best. Sure, you can try to clean your own facilities, but why spend time on that when you have a business to run? Instead, leave the dirty stuff for the professionals. (That’s us!)

Dirty, greasy floors can lead to unnecessary slips and falls. In addition, improper floor cleaning techniques and solutions can create unsafe, slippery surfaces. A cluttered environment can also lead to the loss of inventory and other items necessary to continue running a smooth operation. Regular floor cleaning not only keeps your facility running efficiently; they also lessen the chances of injury to employees while on the job as well as decrease the likelihood of inventory loss or misplacement. All of these factors combined will lead to a safer and stress-free working environment for all parties involved.


Our Charlotte NC janitorial services are available for a variety of businesses, including small offices, laboratories, cafeterias, daycares, storage facilities, loading docks, restrooms, equipment rooms, warehouses and more!

Why use NewGen for your warehouse floor cleaning needs?

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many businesses in Pineville, NC as well as Charlotte, and surrounding areas have chosen to trust and hire us for janitorial and floor cleaning services:

  • Customizable service contracts: You decide how often you’d like your warehouse or industrial facility to be maintained. We can customize a contract to suit your business’ needs and budget, no matter what type of operation you’re running! Whether you’re seeking weekly, monthly, or quarterly services, our team is here to help.
  • Competitive pricing: Our professional janitorial services are competitively priced and affordable for all types of business owners, from small offices to large warehouses. No need to worry about the cost of floor cleaning. NewGen Restored has you covered!
  • Quality equipment & service: We utilize only the latest technologies in floor cleaning and industrial cleaning equipment to bring you lasting results. Our team is top-notch, well-educated, and highly experienced when it comes to degreasing, deep cleaning, and restoring your warehouse facility.

NewGen Restores is locally owned and operated and proud to serve the Charlotte NC area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for industrial warehouse cleaning services!