It is often said that ‘confessions are good for the soul’ and that’s why we at NewGen Restores are happy to confess that we absolutely love hardwood floors and the idea of keeping them in tip-top shape. Your floors have shown you how much they appreciate you by providing warmth, excellent aesthetics and by reflecting your personal style and taste. This year, why not return some of that love with professional maintenance.

Owners of hardwood floors know that they could be very versatile, available in many different styles, textures and colors to enhance the personality of your home or make an artistic statement. They are suitable for every part of your home from the kitchen to the living room, bedroom or your den. Your floors can be creative, dramatic, serious and oh yes…even romantic! 

Simply, hardwood floors have stood the test of time and continue to trend in this modern world of creativity and new technological advances in flooring. Most importantly, if you are serious about maintaining your image and the value of your property then hardwood floors are an excellent method of achieving this as they are not only a value-added product but can be a decisive factor in the resale or refurbishment of your home at a later date. 

That’s why it is important to ensure that your floors are in the best possible condition and preserved in order to cut your maintenance expenses without affecting your style choices. We at NewGen Restores understand this and that’s why we want to help you reignite the passion you once had for your floors!

The first step to falling back in love is simply by cleaning the floors and ensuring that they are done professionally. You may need to re-apply the protective finish to your floors within the twelve to eighteen month cycle. What a better way to preserve and sustain your investment?

Secondly, your flooring may also require a facelift or ‘touch of love’ because you may not have had time to make changes or enhancements since your first installment. But that’s okay, not a problem, we do recommend that you make the necessary repairs and upgrades to renew your floors’ shine, lure and appeal. Remember nobody likes the idea of walking on ‘dull or sulky looking floors’.

Because we are crazy and passionate about hardwood floors, let us be the match maker and help you make the ‘love connection’. NewGen Restores has the best prices and unbeatable service rates in this respect when compared to what is offered by others in our field.

We at NewGen Restores believe that love is priceless but your time and investment in that love is even more priceless. That’s why it’s important for us to be part of your plan for improving your overall home experience with the use of gorgeous hardwood flooring. Quality and commitment as well as integrity in service delivery are important to us and is our way of making it easier for you to fall in love with your hardwood flooring. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and contact us today as we guide you through that wonderful experience of satisfying all of your hardwood floor needs.