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If you’ve ever looked up carpet cleaning services in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, you’re bound to have heard of us.

NewGen Restores is the leading carpet cleaning company in North and South Carolina, and we’ve got a combined 40 years of experience to back up that claim. We offer two types of cleaning methods, both of which can take years off your carpets and make them look – and feel – as if you bought them only yesterday.

But how do these carpet cleaning methods work? And which one would better suit your needs?

If you’re wondering  about answer to these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about our professional carpet cleaning methods.

Hot Water Extraction

If you’re looking for a cleaning method that sanitizes your carpet and penetrates deep into its fibers, hot water extraction is the way to go. It’s the carpet cleaning method we use most often, and the one that works best when your carpet is really dirty.

We start the cleaning process by pre-treating your carpet. This involves applying a pre conditioning agent and spreading it vigorously into the carpet. Once this process is complete, we’ll spray hot water mixed with a cleaning solution at high pressure onto your carpet and vacuum it straight back up. This collects the dirty water and removes it from your home.

Hot water extraction removes the largest amount of dirt, allergens and other impurities from your carpet and is the most effective way to eliminate bad odors. The pre-treatment agents also leave your carpet feeling softer and looking brand spanking new.

That said, if you go for hot water extraction you’ll need to wait for the carpet to dry. This might take a while. You’ll also have to leave the furniture off your carpet until it’s completely dry, as wood stain or paint could stick to it otherwise.


If you’re the impatient type, or you simply can’t afford to wait around for your carpet to dry, encapsulation is the way to go.

Encapsulation is a low moisture carpet cleaning method, which means that not much drying time is involved. You could have your carpet back in shape and ready for use in as little as two hours.

We start the process by pre-treating your carpet. This involves applying a solution and massaging it into the carpet, so it penetrates the fibers. As the solution dries up, it will trap the dirt and impurities in your carpet. We’ll then vacuum the dried up solution away.

Encapsulation isn’t as thorough as hot water extraction, but it can be just as effective and takes a fraction of the time.

A 12-step carpet cleaning process

NewGen Restores uses a 12-step process that’s guaranteed to leave your carpets looking fresh and clean, no matter which cleaning method you go for.

Our process starts with a preliminary visit. We’ll inspect your carpet thoroughly and discuss your cleaning options based on what we find. When we’re done with cleaning we’ll also do a walk through with you, so we’re sure you’re happy with the results.

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