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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Everybody knows home maintenance is a constant itch on homeowner’s minds. From daily cleaning rituals, to power washing and window treatment, owners want to ensure that their home is looking prime, especially during the holiday season when family members and guests are coming in and out. But what do families do when all the commotion of the holidays is over? A power clean is essential in revitalizing the home after a season of snow, dirt and grime being tracked into the house–most of which ends up on the carpets. Carpet cleaning can often become a daunting task that involves moving furniture and avoiding contact with your flooring for a period of time, but here are the basic need to knows about carpet cleaning.

Primary Concerns Are Cost

The primary concern for most homeowners when it comes to carpets is carpet cleaning cost. At the end of the day, money is the motive, and carpet cleaning companies offer a range of prices for cleaning. Keep in mind, not all carpet cleaning companies are alike. Some carpet cleaning services will come to your home and establish an estimate based on the square footage of the home or the rooms that you want cleaned. Other services base their pricing on the number of areas or rooms the customer wants cleaned, which is usually done at a flat rate. Either way, most of these services will range from $100-400 depending upon the room size and staining. For rooms that are larger, a flat rate service will usually charge for two rooms. For services that offer square footage pricing, they usually range from $80-250 between 900-1000 sq. ft for carpet cleaning costs.

It All Depends on the Type of Cleaning

One important factor to make note of is the type of cleaning that you wish to have done on your floor. There are two primary forms of carpet cleaning: the traditional steam cleaning method and a dry cleaning, often referred as encapsulation. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction, involves combining hot water pressure and cleaning agents to shake up the dirt and debris deep within the carpet fibers and then extracts it using a high-powered vacuum. Dry cleaning is similar to this process by utilizing cleaning agents but different in the fact that it utilizes less water to shake that tough debris of Christmas cookies and eggnog stains out of the carpet. One positive to the dry cleaning method is the shorter dry time. If you are having company over that night and need a quick clean, encapsulation is the way to go. However, if you have a few days to prepare, it is recommended to have your carpets steam cleaned utilizing hot water extraction. Many of the major carpet manufacturers recommend the steam cleaning method to care for your carpets.

Carpet Cleaner Rentals Are Typically a Less Effective Option

Alternative forms of cleaning such as DIY cleaning are always an option for homeowners looking to shave a few dollars off of there budget for cleaning. Those who choose to do so must rent a carpet cleaner from their local home improvement store, which usually costs around $35-50 per day–this does not include the cleaning solution that must go inside the cleaner. Though this type of cleaning is much cheaper than using a cleaning service the results usually end up with a less effective clean. Also, as a non-experienced cleaner, you do not have the knowledge about how much water is used, which can result in a buildup of mold and mildew inside of your carpet.

There you have it, the simple facts of carpet cleaning: the costs, the types, the alternative forms, and everything that goes into making your home look brand new after a season full of dirt and debris.

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