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Have you been meaning to get your carpets cleaned professionally, only to cringe at the thought of having to move all the furniture yourself?

Perhaps you’re fully committed to the process, but just can’t find the time?

Or maybe the mere thought of trying to lift heavy items makes your lower back or knees scream bloody murder?

Carpets need regular cleaning to look and feel their best. Neglect them, and they risk becoming a health hazard. The problem is that proper cleaning entails moving all the furniture out of the room. Health hazard or not, no one looks forward to lugging Grandma’s 19th century solid oak armoire around the house.

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between your back and having clean carpets. In fact, if you choose the right carpet cleaning company you might not even need to lift a finger.

Why Move Furniture Before Cleaning Your Carpets?

There are a number of reasons why you should move your furniture before you get your carpet cleaned.

Of course, professional carpet cleaners need room to move about comfortably and place their equipment. But that’s only a small part of it.

An empty room provides maximum coverage, which ensures that the carpet cleaning process removes as much dirt and as many allergens as possible. You’d be surprised at what’s been lurking under your sofa!

Besides, carpets are often damp after cleaning. It might take a few hours for your carpet to dry completely. Put the furniture back in place too soon, and wood stain or paint could stick to the carpet, staining it or even damaging it in the process.

What Furniture Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Move?

Moving furniture is what sets professional carpet cleaners apart.

Reputable carpet cleaning specialists are committed to help you clean every square inch of your carpet. To this end, they should offer to remove smaller furniture items free of charge and bulky items either free or at an additional charge.

They should also put the furniture back where it was once your carpet is completely dry and place protective blocks where appropriate. This should all be agreed upon during your chosen carpet cleaning specialist’s preliminary visit.

That said, your furniture-moving expectations should be reasonable.

You shouldn’t expect your carpet cleaning company to move expensive electronic equipment or breakables. In fact, it’s a good idea to do that yourself, especially where the object in question is irreplaceable or has sentimental value.

Getting The Room Ready For Your Carpet Cleaning Professional

You should start clearing out the room by removing small items such as photo frames, toys, magazines and knick knacks.

If you’ve agreed that your carpet cleaning company is to move heavy furniture like bookshelves, armoires or your entertainment center, you should empty their contents and store it away. This will make the furniture lighter and your carpet cleaning specialist’s life easier. It will also ensure delicate items like electronic equipment, china or vases aren’t damaged during the move.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to remove or at least lift up your drapes, so they won’t get in the way of your carpet cleaner’s equipment.

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