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It’s Valentine’s Day! While you’re spreading the love with all the special people in your life this season, don’t forget that your floors need some love too!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is Valentine’s Day… in some circles it’s referred to as the “love  holiday”. This holiday is best known for all the “love in the air”. People celebrate by giving gifts and spending time with those that are most special to them, be it a spouse, child, sibling, or just a friend. At NewGen Restores, we’re in the business of helping people fall (back) in love with their homes. This year we’ve got a different suggestion for Valentine’s Day. How about showing your home some attention by refinishing or professionally cleaning your floors?

If you’ve got hardwood floors, then you know that the wear and tear of everyday life can have an effect on your floors. Over time, your floors can become dull and lifeless and stains can become ingrained on them making it harder and harder to restore shine with just regular cleaning. When your floors get to this point, you may want to consider having them refinished. A hardwood refinish is a lot less expensive than getting completely new floors and the timeline is much shorter. The process is pretty simple: we strip down the “wear layer” and add a new protective finish. This protective finish is important for maintaining the shine of your floors, whether your preference is polyurethane or varnish.

If your floors aren’t hardwood, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We can also service your deep clean needs on carpet and tile floors too. Carpet manufacturers recommend you have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 12- 18 months. Our Charlotte carpet cleaning and restoration specialists professionally deep clean, repair, and remove allergens from your carpets and floors utilizing today’s newest technologies with the most advanced equipment and techniques. We also offer tile and grout cleaning services to keep your kitchen, bathrooms and flooring looking and feeling brand new.

Or maybe your floors have finally run their course and it’s time to upgrade to something more modern. We can help you in that arena too. Not only do we install your new floors, but we can supply them too. Visit our showroom and we’ll help you choose an option that best suits your lifestyle and taste, and we’ll install it for you. Even though hardwood is a durable, time-tested and elegant flooring choice, it isn’t your only option. Even if you’d prefer carpet, tile, laminate or synthetics floors, we can assist you. The possibilities for showing your floors some love are endless. 

Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about treating the people you love and yourself to some TLC. Just as how you’d treat that special person (or let’s be honest, yourself) to a relaxing massage or a spa day, you can do the same for your home by having the professionals at NewGen Restores take care of your floors. Share the love and get rewarded too. Refer us to a friend and earn a Visa gift card. We hope that this Valentine’s Day is one filled with love and special moments that become cherished memories. Happy Valentine’s Day!