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When taking the time to ensure your home looks clean and tidy, people often worry they aren’t looking after their floors properly. After all, there are many different types of flooring, and each may require a different method to maintain its quality and appearance.

When it comes to wooden floors, we’ve talked about which hardwood floors provide the best value and also the dos and don’ts of caring for your wood flooring, but our clients sometimes ask about whether the species of wood makes a difference to how you maintain them.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips we can give you if you have a particular species of wooden floor to care for.


The great thing about hardwood flooring is the natural beauty it exudes, making it a perfect addition to almost any room. Exotic woods are often chosen for their distinct coloring and grains which can add a more striking look to a home than traditional domestic woods. While they usually come with a higher price tag, they’re further up the Janka hardness scale, meaning they’re more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

  • Acacia – With its distinctive blend of colors, this popular hardwood flooring adds a sophisticated touch to any home. Its appearance can hide a multitude of sins, so make sure you continue to clean regularly even if it doesn’t look like it needs it.
  • Bamboo – Hardness ratings for bamboo can vary, depending on the time of year the grass was harvested. Therefore, prevention is better than cure with this wood, so prevent scratches and water damage before they occur.
  • Brazilian Cherry – Also known as ‘jatoba’ wood, brazilian cherry’s unique color and graining give an interesting twist to any flooring. It’s famous for its color changes in direct sunlight, so ensure you protect your flooring from sun damage using window treatments or even a window coating containing a UV inhibitor.
  • Mahogany – Often chosen for its beautiful undertones, there’s pressure to maintain mahogany flooring at its high quality. Like many types of hardwood, it’s vulnerable to excessive water & floor cleaners, so get a professional finish to add extra protection.
  • Teak – This durable flooring stands the test of time and is pretty resistant to scratching. However, it may lose its natural oils over the years, so consider refinishing every few years to maintain its properties.
  • Tigerwood – The intense graining of Tigerwood means it often looks better with wider planks. Susceptible to color changes when exposed to sunlight, ensure you protect this unique flooring from sun damage.


It should be noted that it isn’t just the species of flooring which makes a difference. There are various types of wooden flooring which may alter your upkeep routine including whether or not it’s solid or engineered wood and whether it has a finish or not. There’s plenty of information out there when finding the best practices. Domestic woods are popular due to their lower price tag, wider availability, and how easily they complement other traditional wood furnishings in the home.

  • Ash – Ash flooring can be a little more exciting than oak, due to the variations in its graining. It sometimes requires more maintenance than other domestic woods though, so stay on top of your cleaning routine.
  • Hickory – Hickory wood’s unusual grain and color variations ensure it adds to unique touch to any room. However, its installation can prove to be tricky. Not one for DIY, get this flooring professionally installed to ensure a quality appearance.
  • Maple – Maple’s light and creamy color easily highlights any scratches it has suffered, so condition the wood by pre-staining & finishing.
  • Oak – Oak flooring is the most popular choice for hardwood flooring and is therefore widely available. Use our general maintenance tips to care for it.
  • Pine – While a great addition to country style homes, pine is a softwood, leaving it more susceptible to damage. Prevention of wear and tear should be taken seriously, and you should have a regular cleaning and maintenance routine in place to care for it. Professional finishes are often required for this type of flooring.
  • Walnut – This rich, chocolatey flooring adds natural warmth to a room making it a great choice in living areas. Some types may be prone to scuffs if furniture moves over it, so protect your flooring with felt furniture pads.

With all types of hardwood flooring, it’s essential to create a maintenance and cleaning plan. Here at NewGen Restores, we can provide deep cleaning techniques when you require them which extract dirt from deep within the cracks, leaving your wooden floor looking better than ever. We can also apply finishes to the wood to give your home to look you want while protecting your hardwood floor.

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