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What Cleaning Services Does NewGen Restores Offer?

Are you unhappy with your current commercial cleaning services provider? Were they unable to get rid of those elusive office smells? Or perhaps, you can’t even tell whether they actually cleaned the carpets and floors?

If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and you own or manage a commercial property that needs to be kept clean and professional, it’s time to try NewGen Restores.

How We’re Different

Commercial cleaning companies are a dime a dozen; and a lot of them offer their services for a low rate. But a lower rate isn’t always a better value. Many commercial cleaning companies can offer a lower rate because they may not go through the proper processes, which may do more harm than good.

At NewGen Restores, we’ve been a residential and commercial cleaning service provider of choice for 40 plus years. We take pride in being extremely thorough and going the extra mile for our customers. Our residential carpet and floor care services does not disappoint our clients – we restore the beauty back into their home’s carpets and floors!

The same applies to our commercial services. Our commercial cleaning services are guaranteed to make your office or commercial space look – and smell – like it’s brand spanking new.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

In North and South Carolina, we’re known for the quality of our carpet cleaning services. But it doesn’t stop there.

NewGen Restores offers cleaning methods to suit different budgets. But no matter which cleaning method you prefer, we guarantee the type of service that removes unwanted dirt and allergens and takes years off your commercial carpets in no time.

There are no short cuts in commercial carpet cleaning. We take the time to rake and agitate your carpets thoroughly and treat any problem areas individually, so we’re sure they’re as deeply clean as possible. We finish off by applying specialized protectant, so your carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

And if your carpet is ripped or wrinkled, that’s no problem either. We repair the damage and re-stretch your carpet so it’s completely wrinkle-free.

Other Commercial Cleaning Services We Offer

We love carpet cleaning, and we do it well. But it isn’t the only thing we do. Read on to learn about the other commercial cleaning services we offer.

Tile And Grout Cleaning

Do your tiles need a facelift?

Have years of use and traffic given your grouting an unpleasant color?

If so, NewGen Restores is the cleaning services company you need. We pre-treat your tile with a special solution that breaks down the dirt and grime, and apply hot water at high pressure to clean it all up. What’s more, we scrub each and every line of grout. By hand.

Have you ever heard of another commercial cleaning company that does that? Neither have we.

VCT Tile Cleaning

We go above and beyond to make sure your VCT tiles look as good as new.

Unlike other companies, we don’t just quickly buff the old wax before applying a new coat. We take the time to strip each and every layer away. We also apply at least two or three new coats of premium wax. Your floors are guaranteed to have a beautiful shine.

Don’t believe us? Check out these before and after photos.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Our specialists will restore the natural beauty of your hardwood flooring and leave it looking like it was just installed.

We coat your floors with a special solution that breaks down even the toughest dirt that’s caught in between cracks.

But we won’t stop there.

We also deal with light scratches by removing the old coating and refinishing your floors anew. If necessary, we can even completely strip your flooring, re-stain it in a color of your choice and re-coat it.

Pressure Washing

Are you tired of gutters that don’t look like they’ve been cleaned?

Is your cleaning budget being spent, only to have mold and mildew back in just a few weeks?

Our technicians spray your gutters with specialized solution. Not only does it kill off mold and bacteria, it inhibits re-growth for up to two years. We also hand scrub your gutters.

Yep, you heard that right.

Window Cleaning

We clean your windows both outside and in, leaving them sparkly and streak free. That way, you can make the most of that gorgeous view.

Emergency Water Extraction

NewGen Restores is certified, insured and bonded for all sorts of emergency water removal.

We remove all standing water and extract it from your carpeting with our specialized water extraction equipment.

But we won’t stop there.

We treat all areas with disinfectant that’s certified to kill up to 99.9% of mold and bacteria; and we use dehumidifiers and high speed fans. That way, we’re sure everything, including sub floors and floor coverings, are dry as a bone.

Leather, Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning

We clean your leather furniture and upholstery with the same painstaking approach of our first class carpet cleaning process. Our specialists will take the time to rake and agitate thoroughly before extracting the solution. We also restore the color and remove the cracks from your leather furniture with our specialized, leather-specific products.

Janitorial Services

Our janitors won’t stop at taking out the trash.

We vacuum, dust, mop and we even wipe down your appliances to boot.

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