Carpet Cleaning Special

Carpet Cleaning Special Methods

To accommodate the growing demand for carpet cleaning special methods, many carpet companies are now offering alternative cleaning methods to their clients. There are various situations when regular carpet cleaning methods cannot be used or utilized on certain carpets or premises. This is the reason why many carpet cleaning companies are continuously finding ways to provide alternative methods in order to catch up with the changing times. To give you some ideas about some of the available special carpet cleaning methods, see the list below:

Types of Carpet Cleaning Special Methods

Vacuum Wash

This type of carpet cleaning special method is especially helpful for people or pets who are sensitive to chemical compounds or solutions used for carpet cleaning. This method is, basically treatment-free instead it utilizes an equipment that can spray high pressure water and suck it back in it immediately. The high pressure water is designed to provide deep cleaning effect on your carpet by extracting any unwanted contaminants from the fibers of your carpet, and because the water is also immediately sucked in drying time is also shortened, enabling homeowner or property owners to get back to their regular routine in no time. Since there are no solutions or compounds used in the process carpet owners need not worry about any chemical residue on their carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning utilizes VLM technology, also known as very low moisture, in combination with dry cleaning compounds. This method is considered as another carpet cleaning special method which is commonly preferred by 24-hour commercial property owners due to its fast drying component. Clients who also own carpets made of materials that prevent fast and easy extraction of water also utilize this method. Instead of relying on water this process relies on the cleaning compounds to break down stubborn dirt, dusts and staying away from the carpet fibers so the vacuum can easily take it away, leaving the carpet clean and fresh in no time.

These are just some carpet cleaning special methods that you can try in case your carpet or your premises cannot accommodate the regular carpet cleaning deals.