Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte NC

Types of Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte NC

There are various types of carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC. Getting to know these different carpet cleaning techniques allows you to explore more options, and gives you the power to make better decisions in terms of choosing the right carpet cleaning for your home or workplace. To give you some ideas about your possible options available, check out the list below:

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC utilizes hot water and pressure. These two elements are combined in order to help loosen stains, dirt, dusts and other contaminants off the carpet fibers. Of course, this is in combination with cleaning agent. This method requires washing, rinsing and then drying, which could take a long time to complete. This is the reason commercial companies prefer to have this type of carpet cleaning method done after office hours so their carpet can dry overnight, instead of interrupting their operations during office hours.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation is another type of carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC. This method utilizes synthetic foam treatment which crystallizes into powder form, encapsulating all the debris and dirt loosened from the carpet. Being highly efficient, it immediately replaced one of the original carpet cleaning methods known as carpet shampooing. Encapsulation requires a lesser amount of water which makes carpet drying faster. Another reason why this method became popular is the minimal amount of residue it leaves behind making it an environment and pet friendly carpet cleaning method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the latest types of carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC. This method uses cleaning powder or compound along with a rotating brush. The rotating brush conditions the carpet to efficiently let the cleaning powder settle in the carpet fibers. The founder then functions like mini sponges, absorbing all the dirt and contaminants found in the carpet. Through time various carpet cleaning companies started offering dry carpet cleaning method to their customers, creating their own versions of carpet cleaner product to make their service unique.

The details provided here are just a few of the available types of carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC.