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Time To Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready

All summer long, kids and pets are in and out of the house more, tracking in all kinds of things. Sand, dirt, dust, and allergens are deposited  in our carpets, furniture and fabrics. A new school year is a fresh start for everyone. Before you bring in new school supplies, outfits and linens, it’s a great time to declutter, get organized and do a deep cleaning of your home. 

During the summer, doors and windows are open. We live and entertain indoors and out. With all of this activity, dirt accumulates and it can hide away in your flooring and furniture, even when you can’t see it. That’s why the start of the school year is the perfect time to get your home truly clean.

Some Deep Cleaning Tips

Call in the Pros to Do the Heavy Lifting

Floors and furniture surfaces harbor dust and dirt. Turn to our janitorial professionals for deep cleaning of your floors?whether hardwood, vinyl, carpet or tile. Our cleaning processes are designed to loosen and remove any grime, dirt, debris and soil that may be lurking in your floors and fabrics. 

We also specialize in deep-cleaning of your upholstered surfaces: couches, draperies and more. Our upholstery-cleaning service is designed to maximize the removal of stains, soil, spots and odors, leaving your home looking and smelling great! 

Anyone with kids knows back-to-school can be a hectic period. But you don’t have to tackle all of the cleaning alone. If you need a little extra help with deep cleaning, our janitorial team is here for you. Contact us to learn about our floor and upholstery cleaning services.