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Area Rug Cleaning

From everyday rugs to exotic rugs, our professional NC carpet cleaners have got you covered.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Rock Hill SC, Charlotte NC, Pineville & More!

Area rugs can be tricky. They are more delicate than everyday carpet and usually require a different cleaning process that’s both gentle and effective to remove stains and odors from spills, pet accidents, and more.

Our professional area rug cleaning Charlotte NC experts have cleaned all types of rugs, including oriental, silk, cotton, wool, woven, Persian, and more. We know what types of cleaning will work best on all of the different types of area rugs to effectively remove dirt and odors without doing any damage to the rug itself. We also have the right professional equipment to ensure a deep clean while maintaining the integrity of the material, design, and color.

Whether you have an exotic, expensive, handmade rug that you break out during special occasions or family gatherings, or you have a basic rug designed for everyday use that stays in place year-round, it’s important to enlist the help of professional are rug cleaners when a cleaning is in order. We can come to your home and clean them in your presence, or if you prefer, we would be happy to come pick them up and take them to our professional cleaning facility. Either way, we’re positive you’ll be pleased with the results we provide.

We tailor our cleaning procedure to the type of rug you have and the types of stains that need to be removed. No two rugs are exactly alike; your handmade oriental rug may require a much more delicate process than your neighbor’s basic area rug. At our cleaning plant, our rug cleaning Charlotte NC professionals employ a 10-step process that is guaranteed to maximize spot, soil, and odor removal, for a thorough clean you can count on!

NewGen Restores offers professional area rug cleaning services in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. Whether you live in the heart of the queen city and are searching the web for “area rug cleaning near me” or you live south of city and are looking for “area rug cleaning in Rock Hill SC,” we are standing by and waiting to serve you.

Do you have an area rug that needs to be cleaned? Contact us today to request a free quote for area rug cleaning services. We can’t wait to hear from you!