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Is your office building looking dingy and run down, even though it has been cleaned from top to bottom?

Perhaps, it’s those VCT tiles that are the problem.

Dusting surfaces and making sure everything is shipshape is all well and good. But if you want your offices to look thoroughly clean and professional, your floors need some TLC too.

You’d be surprised at what a difference clean tiles can make to the overall feel of your premises. After all, they do take a huge chunk of space, don’t they?

Thankfully, we’re here to help you on the right track.

Read on for our top tips on how to keep VCT tiles looking great.

But First, What On Earth Are VCT Tiles?

VCT tiles are made of synthetic plastic chips that are pressed into sheets while hot and then cut into shapes. Because they’re man made, they’re inexpensive and engineered to be stain resistant and really durable. This makes them the perfect choice for highly trafficked areas like office buildings.

The best part, however, is that cleaning them is a breeze: a daily sweep and mopping will do the trick.

But don’t go running to your cleaning closet just yet. Not just any water or cleaner will do.

Cold Water Works Best

If you’re thinking of washing your floors with hot water, there’s something important you should know.

When VCT tiles are installed, they’re given a coat of sealant and then waxed. Wax makes the tiles more durable and enhances their resistance to stains, which helps them last longer. It also gives them that lustrous shine.

Wax doesn’t do well with hot water, because heat melts wax and makes it come up with your mop.

But that’s not all.

Water and wax do not mix. This means the wax you just melted will dry unevenly all over your tiles, leaving them looking cloudy and gross.

Cold water, on the other hand, will be just as effective at cleaning your tiles, but it won’t melt the wax.

Use Neutral Floor Cleaner

When cleaning VCT tile, you should steer clear of certain cleaning chemicals.

Bleach based products and products that contain ammonia are harsh, so they’ll react with the wax coating on your tiles and strip it off.

Without the wax coating, it’s easier for your floor to be damaged, especially if it is in an area that takes a lot of heavy foot traffic. Besides, it will look dull and unattractive, which will bring the atmosphere in your office down.

A neutral floor cleaner has a pH of about 7, which is neither too harsh nor too acidic. It’s just as effective at cleaning your tiles, but it will leave the wax coating where it belongs.

Not sure of your floor cleaner’s pH?

When in doubt, it’s better not to use any cleaner at all.

Get Your Floors Buffed By Professionals

Wear and tear is a fact of life, especially in a busy office setting. And while regular cleaning will keep them looking great, there will come a point when your tiles will need some extra special care.

When that day comes, don’t settle for just anyone with a buffing machine.

The best cleaning companies will take the time to strip away old coats of wax. This helps the new coating bond with your tile more evenly; and buffing will make your VCT tiles look cleaner and shinier than ever.

Before you know it, your clients will be looking for excuses to come to your offices more often!

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