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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Carpet Questions

When clients come to NewGen Restores for a professional carpet clean, there are questions that we here time and time again. From stain removal tips to information about the deep cleaning process, we’ve got the answers to your Most Frequently Asked Carpet Questions.

Nightmare Spillages

Q: I have an emergency coffee stain – help!

With any spills, the best tactic is to remove the offending item before it dries without rubbing the stain deeper into the carpet fibers. Blot the liquid with a paper towel, applying a very gentle pressure to soak it up. Don’t panic if you can’t remove all of the stain. NewGen Restore’s deep cleaning techniques will get rid of most emergency spillages. Take a look at one of our recent coffee stain removal projects.

coffee stain removal example most frequently asked carpet questions

Q: I spilled Kool-Aid and Printer Ink on my carpets, what should I do?

With any stain, it’s best to act fast before it seeps deeply into the carpet fibers. Soak up spills by blotting with a paper towel and do not rub them in! You can also use things like a wet-dry vacuum, salt or club soda to soak up the liquid remains. Get in touch with our team if you’re finding it hard to remove what’s left as we’re the experts at removing stubborn stains. In fact, check out the cherry soda stain one of our technicians was able to lift from a recently cleaned carpet.

DAK cherry soda stain removal example most frequently asked carpet questions

Unpleasant Odors

Q: I have an odor coming from my rugs, what is the problem?

Getting to the bottom of rug odors can be tricky with pets and mildew being some of the main odor-causing factors we see. Rug materials can be delicate in nature, so be cautious when it comes to cleaning them. Our skilled technicians are trained to deal with the delicate fibers of any type of rug. In fact, we usually pick them up and take them to our specialist cleaning facility where they’ll go through a tailored 10-step cleaning process to remove any stains and odors.

Q: We just got the carpets cleaned and they smell like mildew, why?

During the carpet-cleaning process, moisture is used to extract dirt, allergens, and odors, so you may be able to smell your carpets until they’re fully dry. Our techniques won’t leave lasting bad odors, and we remove excess amounts of water. However, DIY techniques can often leave carpets soaked through, especially if the user used too much water. If you need emergency water extraction services, this is something we can provide using dehumidifiers and high-speed fans. Even sub floors, carpet backing and underlays will be left dry.

Tough Stains

Q: Can all stains be removed?

Although professional techniques will remove or at least improve most stains, there are some that have just bound too tightly to the carpet fibers to be completely removed. This may be due to the age of the stain or even home DIY cleaning techniques which have made the situation worse. In these cases, you may need to consider a carpet replacement.

Q: Why do the spots in the common area keep on recurring?

Ever noticed black spots recurring in certain floor areas? Unfortunately, even when stains have been removed, if any residue is left behind, the carpet fibers in this particular spot can be more sticky, attracting dirt and other particles to create dark patches where the stain used to be. This is called soiling and is often caused by DIY cleaning chemicals. Recurring carpet stains can also happen when the carpet cleaning isn’t deep enough, causing the stain the rise to the top of the fibers again (wicking). Professional deep cleaning techniques should stop these problems recurring. At NewGen Restores, we can also use premium protectors to repel liquids and stop spots from recurring.

Q: We have Printer ink in our breakroom, how should we clean this up?

Ink can be a nightmare to remove, and even blotting (rather than rubbing) can result in making the stain worse. ‘Rubbing alcohol’ is the cleaning solution required for oily and waxy stains, and even hydrogen peroxide can be tried in the most serious of cases. This can be blotted onto to affected area to try to remove the stain. Always follow safety instructions and take precautions before doing so.

That’s it for today! Be sure to check our blog August 3rd for Part 2 of our Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Carpet Questions series! We’ll answer your top questions about old pet stains, dog scratches on hardwood flooring and what really happens to your furniture during the carpet cleaning process.

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