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Have you recently bought a house or are you renovating your current home and want to create a lasting impression with beautiful, durable floors? Then NewGen Floors & More is the perfect place to go. 

Over the past year, the economy in our country has been changing. Federal interest rates are at a historic low, which makes buying a new home, refinancing your current home, or taking out a second mortgage easier to do. We have seen many homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners take advantage of this situation. Some new homeowners are having their floors redone before moving in while some existing homeowners are using this opportunity to replace their floors with something more modern. While a classic look never disappoints, here are some of the emerging flooring trends that you might want to consider for your next flooring project. 

Trend #1. Fumed Wood Flooring – Stronger Color & Grain

Fumed, or smoked, wood flooring is a type of flooring that gets its color from a fuming or smoking process instead of from a finish. This type of flooring is extremely unique as there’s no way to determine how the color will look at the end of the process. A number of different factors go into making the result what it is but generally fumed wood takes on a richer, dark tone and the process is known to enhance the natural grain of the wood.

Trend #2. Bleached & Blanched Woods

If you’re not a fan of brown hues but you still like the concept of hardwood floors, then bleached or blanched flooring is for you. Much like the name suggests, this type of wood goes through a bleaching, or blanching, process to remove the “color” and give it a more ashy, white-washed appearance while still keeping the natural grain of the wood visible underneath.

Trend #3. Distressed Wood & Concrete Tiles

Distressed flooring has been around for quite some time but its popularity has only grown as of recent. Most people prefer to have their floors with the ‘fresh out the factory’ shine, but with distressed flooring, the material goes through an artificial aging process to make it look worn. In the opinion of the flooring connoisseurs, this gives the floor a rustic and mature look that screams ‘full of character’. One of the reasons this type of flooring has grown in popularity is because it’s no longer limited to wood floors but can be done on concrete and tiles as well. 

Trend #4. Wood Flooring Laid Out In Pretty Patterns

Patterned floors are gaining traction over the traditional side-by-side layout of wood flooring. Consumers are opting to have their flooring done in the popular chevron/herringbone pattern. Flooring can also be laid out in other different patterns but this is the most popular one we have seen. 

Trend #5. Vintage Black & White

Look out for black and white tiles making a comeback this year. Many homeowners are now opting for a bold, unique style with black and white tiles over the regular colored tiles we’re accustomed to.

Trend #6. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is starting to replace hardwood and tile in many instances. Vinyl is a bit softer than its counterparts and offers a wide variety of design options. Vinyl is a good choice for rooms that receive plenty of visitors. It withstands water, and it does not easily dent, stain, and fade. Unlike hardwood that tends to creak after some time, vinyl is quiet and easy to install.

Trend #7. Graphic Tiles

Creating a unique style with graphic tiles is slowly becoming more popular. Floors haven’t often been thought of as canvases for creative expression but that is starting to change. The possibilities with tile are far more expansive than with hardwood and concrete. Graphic tiles are a great way to add a unique, artistic element to your floors. 

 Trend #8. Large Porcelain Tiles: Hexagon & Trickling Floor Patterns

Herringbone and chevron aren’t the only patterns we’ve got our eyes on. Hexagon tiles, especially large hexagon tiles, are poised to make a big impact in flooring design over the next few years. 

 Trend#9. Natural Colors

Another trend we believe is likely to continue is the use of naturally colored wood. With an increasing focus on sustainability and ways to incorporate the outdoors into the interiors, the trend of natural colors will stay for some time. Naturally colored wood is a simple, luxurious-looking style that creates an ambiance most people enjoy. 

With all of these amazing trends and more accessible opportunities to secure financing for a home improvement project, 2021 is the best year to realize your dreams of perfect floors. NewGen Floors & More has a wide assortment of flooring options and we can install them too. At NewGen, excellence never stops at the basics. Reach out to the flooring pros at NewGen Floors & More to get started on your dream floor project!